How old are you? 44

How many years sober? 7 years and 4 months

So you got sober at: 36

Describe your childhood: I thought it was bad because it was a violent household – but looking at it since being sober I realized that they were just doing the best they could. I moved a lot – Illinois, NM, Colorado, Michigan…

What was your drug? Acid, Meth, alcohol – I was a garbage pail but my primary drug was weed.



How old are you? 25

How many years sober? 2

So you got sober at: 23

Describe your childhood: Pretty typical – good family – good upbringing – I was adopted at birth – parents were social drinkers – always had alcohol in the house. Biological mom, brother, sister.

What was your drug? Alcohol – weed was my drug of choice – cocaine was my favorite – all things really




How old are you? 27

How long are you sober? 7 years

So you got sober at: 19!

Describe your childhood: Normal whatever that means. Nothing traumatic happened and I was always taken care of.

Describe the first time you drank/used: 12 years old in 6th grade.



How old are you? 47

How many years sober? 6

So you got sober at: 40

Describe your childhood: Amazing. I was spoiled, very outgoing and active in sports – particularly soccer.

What was your drug? Alcohol mainly.

When was the first time you drank/used? I was 10. I found my parent’s boxed up stash of alcohol and wanted to make friends and become popular – it worked.