How Do I Support Someone With A Heroin Addiction?

Starring in a supporting role to any addiction is a tough job. Being the supporter of someone who is struggling with a heroin addiction can be an exhausting, heartbreaking, frustrating experience. There are many ways to support someone with a heroin addiction, some of them healthy and others not healthy. If you are supporting someone with a heroin addiction, you …Read More

12 Month After Care Has A Purpose

12 Month After Care Has A Purpose

  At Lakehouse Recovery Center, we offer a 12 month after care program. For an entire year after the residential treatment experience, our clients stay within our community for an entire year as they are supported by our staff. A full year of after care has a purpose. Too many people who go to treatment for drug and alcohol addiction …Read More


Hard Truths About Loving And Supporting Someone Addicted To Drugs And Alcohol

                Being the loved one of someone struggling with drug and alcohol addiction isn’t easy. Patience, endurance, and unconditional love are the ultimate challenges. Here are the hard truths you only know if someone you love has a drug and alcohol addiction. You Cannot Force Them To Stop The decision to stop abusing …Read More