living in present

Living in the Present

What is it about staying in the now that is so difficult for addicts and alcoholics? We’re usually either crying in our beer over the past, or anxiety-stricken over the future. The in-between is where we struggle, yet it’s the place we need to stay if we want to keep our sobriety date. This is not to say we should …Read More

isolation in sobriety

Isolation in Sobriety

If you are an addict or alcoholic, you are more than fully aware of the isolating effects of addiction. Drinking or drugging may have started off as a sociable event, but by the end, it was anything but social. It was more than likely a lot of fun in the beginning, and something you looked forward to on the weekends. …Read More

Will my WHOLE Life be Recovery?

Will my WHOLE Life be Recovery?

If you’ve finally decided to enter treatment for your addiction, congratulations! With treatment, you will soon learn how to live without the use of drugs, alcohol, and compulsive behaviors. In a short time, you’ll find that you’re no longer a sick and suffering addict, but a person who is learning to get well – and stay well. Early in our …Read More


FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Getting sober is hard; getting sober young, is even harder. If you are in your teens or early to mid-20’s, it may seem like everyone around you is partying just as hard as you do. It’s true that a lot of people during these years drink and experiment with drugs, but it’s also true that many of them aren’t addicts …Read More