Finding A Higher Power In Recovery

                Spirituality and a spiritual solution are a big part of the recovery process. At this point, many people shrink back in fear, running from the idea of something that might be called “God”. The entity and idea of God is pretty big, so big that people spend their entire lives trying to …Read More



How old are you? 44

How many years sober? 7 years and 4 months

So you got sober at: 36

Describe your childhood: I thought it was bad because it was a violent household – but looking at it since being sober I realized that they were just doing the best they could. I moved a lot – Illinois, NM, Colorado, Michigan…

What was your drug? Acid, Meth, alcohol – I was a garbage pail but my primary drug was weed.



How old are you? 25

How many years sober? 2

So you got sober at: 23

Describe your childhood: Pretty typical – good family – good upbringing – I was adopted at birth – parents were social drinkers – always had alcohol in the house. Biological mom, brother, sister.

What was your drug? Alcohol – weed was my drug of choice – cocaine was my favorite – all things really




How old are you? 27

How long are you sober? 7 years

So you got sober at: 19!

Describe your childhood: Normal whatever that means. Nothing traumatic happened and I was always taken care of.

Describe the first time you drank/used: 12 years old in 6th grade.