dating in recovery

Dating in Recovery: What you Need to Remember

Your recovery can be fragile, especially early on.  For this reason, many experts recommend that you wait at least a year into your sobriety before beginning any new relationships.  Romantic relationships can cause stresses that you may not be prepared for early in your recovery.  These added stresses could be just enough to trigger a relapse.  Once you decide you …Read More


You Budget More Than Your Money

One of the things you will learn in sobriety is the true depth of life.  Once you move passed the preoccupation with drugs and alcohol you will start to find yourself actually caring about all aspects of your life.  When people talk about budgeting they typically are talking about financial budgeting.  Sticking to a budget can make your money go …Read More

family forgiveness

What to do if Your Family Isn’t Forgiving

Addiction is often referred to as a family disease because it affects every member of an addict’s family.  When a person is in the throes of an addiction their priorities begin and end with their substance of choice.  This priority shift completely alters a family’s dynamic leaving members isolated, confused, ashamed and hurt.  Many times family members will be forced …Read More

science of meditation

Turns out Science is a Fan of Meditation

Meditation has been around for thousands of years.  In parts of the Eastern world, meditation is an ingrained in the culture as baseball and apple pie are in America.  Until the last few years, meditation in the Western world has been confined to martial artists and hippies in Volkswagen vans.  As more people begin a regular meditation practice the amount …Read More