living in present

Living in the Present

What is it about staying in the now that is so difficult for addicts and alcoholics? We’re usually either crying in our beer over the past, or anxiety-stricken over the future. The in-between is where we struggle, yet it’s the place we need to stay if we want to keep our sobriety date. This is not to say we should …Read More

drama by you

Drama Doesn’t Happen to You, It Happens by You

If you really think about it, how dramatic is your life when you’re sober? Do you lose your car, get into random bar fights, end up in jail, wake up not knowing where you are or who’s lying next to you? All of these situations may make for a good story, but for those of us who have already been …Read More

nature mode

Nature Made

Human beings have a special connection to our planet that is often ignored and under-explored. We have been given an incredible opportunity to experience the world around us, yet many of us hunker down inside and play video games or stare aimlessly at the TV. In active addiction, didn’t we do enough of this? It is said that we are …Read More

this too shall pass

This Too Shall Pass

Whoever said getting sober is a piece of cake wasn’t an alcoholic or an addict. The first year is especially difficult for most, but the road of recovery will always be filled with bumps, potholes, peaks, and valleys. No matter where you are in your sobriety, you’ve likely experienced moments where you just didn’t know if you could hold on …Read More