Why LA Living Is a Nature Lover’s Paradise

                  Located on the bottom end of Ventura county, Lakehouse Recovery Center borders many LA county nature spots. When people think of Southern California, they think of the beach, but they might not think of the mountains. Southern California is full of microclimates. We have our coast, we have our mountains, and …Read More


How Do I Quit My Drug Addiction?

                It’s easier said than done when we say, you stop doing drugs. The simplicity and irony is overwhelming. That’s why it is easier said than done. Something miraculou happens in recovery. You can’t really learn how to stop doing drugs. What you learn through treatment is how to not do drugs again. …Read More


The Benefits of Meditation for Addiction Recovery

  Recovering from addiction is no easy task. It’s never impossible, but the road looks a little different for every individual case. For some, a little love and a lot of time can help someone go from their lowest low to a happy place in their life without the need for intensive rehab or detox care. In other cases, it’s …Read More

Quitting Addiction

Quitting Addiction, Avoiding Relapse, and Maintaining Sobriety

Addiction is a Dependency Addiction is a chemical dependency and a chronic disease. When a person becomes addicted to a substance, the cycle can be difficult to break due to changes in brain chemistry and functioning. There are also psychological and emotional dependencies that are intertwined with the chemical elements of addiction. These dependencies can make quitting addiction difficult, especially …Read More