moving in sobriety

Can I Handle Moving in Sobriety?

Don’t make any big decisions in your first year of sobriety. This is a common suggestion for newcomers in sobriety, and one that holds a lot of merit. Moving to another city is a big decision that can have a big impact on your life. It is important to evaluate the reasons for why you would want to embark on …Read More

let go of expectations

What Does it Mean to Let Go of Expectations?

Expectations can drastically change the course and outcome of any relationship or situation for all people. Because of this, having expectations can be especially dangerous for addicts and alcoholics. If you expect something and it turns out differently, your reaction defines your relationship with recovery. We are reactionary people, but the stronger our sobriety, the less likely we will react. …Read More

change in recovery

Why is There Focus on Change In Sobriety?

The disease of addiction consists of a repetitive cycle of guilt, pain, cravings, and drug use. For the addict and alcoholic, everyday feels like groundhog day. The decision to come to treatment is life-changing. It throws a wrench in the cycle and disrupts everything that is associated with addiction. As your body adjusts to existence without drugs and alcohol, your …Read More

legal problems

What If You Have to Deal with Legal Problems in Your First Year of Recovery?

If you are like many of us who found ourselves on the wrong side of the law in our addiction, you may be wondering how you will ever dig yourself out of the legal hole. Problems didn’t seem like a big deal when we were using, but now that we’re clean and sober, they can feel like the sky is …Read More