Willpower: A False Scapegoat for Addiction

If the disease of addiction had anything to do with willpower, it wouldn’t be a disease. The bottom line is that you cannot will away something that is biologically rooted. Willpower can actually hinder an addict or alcoholic’s ability to change because it focuses on the problem rather than the solution. You can however, become willing to change. The willingness …Read More


If it Doesn’t Support Your Sobriety, Don’t Do It

Navigating early recovery isn’t easy. You suddenly have feelings again, nothing seems the same as before, and you are busy making changes to every aspect of your life. Life is new, and you have to build everything up around your sobriety so that you can stay centered in recovery. Building this new life requires close examination of friendships, career, family, …Read More


3 Ways to Make Social Media Work for, Not Against You

These days, it’s not often that you come across someone with no social media presence. It seems everyone is connected, and everyone knows everyone else’s business. Social media is a bit of a double-edge sword, in that it has the power to connect people, but it also has the ability make us feel isolated. Connection is a critical piece of …Read More