Is Residential Treatment Enough For Recovery?

Thirty days of residential inpatient treatment used to be considered the standard of treatment. The short period of time worked for providers, worked for people taking time off of work, and worked for insurance providers. Just thirty days of treatment, however wasn’t working for the people going to treatment. As addiction has become more prevalent and a wider problem thousands …Read More


What Are Tips On Sharing A Room During Treatment?

At Lakehouse Recovery Center, we offer private and semi-private rooms, as do most residential treatment program. In order to accommodate and serve the needs of more people, roommates are common in residential treatment. You learn how to respect another person’s space, practice patience, bond with other people, and ask for support. On good days, you’ll be grateful for having your …Read More


A Typical Day Of Residential Inpatient Treatment

                  Each treatment facility and each treatment program under that facility’s care will be different. Unless a treatment program is specialized, most treatment programs will follow a general pattern for the day. Mornings Most treatment centers start their days between 6am and 8am. Many treatment centers like to take their clients to …Read More