How Do I Process Growing Up With An Alcoholic?

Alcoholism has terrible effects on the person living with it. Alcoholism also has terrible effect on the people living with the person who is living with alcoholism. When someone in the family home is living with alcoholism, everyone is living with an alcoholic, which means they are all living with alcoholism. Alcoholism is called a family disease for this reason. …Read More


Will I Be Able To Visit My Loved One When They’re In Treatment?

Families play a huge role in addiction as do the friends, supporters, and partners of those who are seeking treatment. Addiction is often called a family disease because everyone in an addict’s life is affected by the addiction. Addiction isn’t something that just happens to someone. Of course, the addiction is happening within the person who is addicted. However, the …Read More

3 Ways The Family Heals During Treatment

3 Ways The Family Heals During Treatment

  When a loved one goes to treatment, the whole family has an opportunity to heal. Here are three ways the family will heal during the treatment process. Everyone becomes more honest Honesty is the first step of recovery. Family members are often practicing honesty, sometimes too much honesty, far before the addict or alcoholic in their life is. Doing …Read More


How Does Alcohol Affect The Family?

                  Alcoholism will never be just your problem. When a family member becomes alcoholic it affects everyone in the family. Marriage Alcoholism can be what brings two people together into a dysfunctional and toxic relationship. If a marriage starts healthy, any number of millions of reasons could cause someone to become alcoholic …Read More