Reasons To Climb Indoors

Reasons To Climb Indoors

  Outdoor climbing is a unique experience clients at Lakehouse Recovery Center get to enjoy. Our ideal location in Southern California affords our clients all of the outdoor adventures offered locally. Once clients leave, however, they are sad to leave rock climbing behind. Indoor climbing has all of the same benefits for mind, body, and spirit. Indoor climbing gyms reduce …Read More


Is Swimming Beneficial To Recovery From Addiction?

Here is a quick summary on why swimming is beneficial for recovery from addiction: Swimming is appropriate for all ages and sizes Swimming is easier on the body than other forms of exercise Swimming can be cardio and strength building Swimming reduces premature death Swimming creates a world of opportunity Being immersed in water triggers the brain with the familiar …Read More


Shouldn’t People In Treatment Be Resting Instead Of Exercising?

The body needs a lot of rest during early recovery. Exhausted from weeks of detox, ongoing symptoms of withdrawal, and likely years of not getting the wholesome sleep that they needed, sleep is essential during treatment. Sleep is when people in treatment are able to rest their body and their brain, get the energy they need for the next day. …Read More


Are There Mental Health Benefits To Exercising?

                You’ve always wondered how it is that people who do that exercising thing seem so happy about it. Running? Jumping? Lifting weights? Sweating? None of it sounds very pleasant- especially when you are in your first few months of recovery. There are some in treatment who have been athletes and regular exercisers …Read More