The Complication With “Marijuana Maintenance”

                    Marijuana is a psychoactive drug with it’s very own subcategory of substance use disorder. Marijuana use disorder is a diagnosable mental disorder which is used to diagnose someone who has become chemically dependent on marijuana. Becoming chemically dependent on marijuana is completely possible, which is why continuing to use it …Read More


What To Expect During Withdrawal

                Depending on the substance of choice, how recent the last use was, and how severely the substances were abused, withdrawal can vary in its intensity. On any scale, there will be some experience with withdrawal. Detox can start as early as a few hours after last use up to about 36. Typically, …Read More


What Is A Day Of Residential Inpatient Treatment Like?

                A day of treatment varies from one treatment center to the next. Below, find a general description of the work, responsibility, and fun that goes into a day of healing at Lakehouse Recovery Center. Morning Responsibilities Detox is the time period for rest and restoration. Residential inpatient is where the work begins …Read More

Drug Overdose

7 Drug Abuse Signs

Drug Abuse is the consistent use of addictive substances. Chemical dependency to a drug (or a combination of drugs) can affect the mind and body in multiple ways. It may result in severe health problems like heart problems, nausea, seizures, tremors, excessive sweating, judgment, or brain damage. While the full list of health problems related to drug abuse is much …Read More