Warm Hand-Off Program: Overdose to Treatment

Countless numbers of people are being treated with the opioid antidote, naloxone. An opioid reversal drug, administering this substance pulls people back from the brink of death as a result of drug overdose. Unfortunately, a reversal of an overdose is not a reversal of addiction or chemical dependency. After having an overdose reversed, an individual is left with the sometimes …Read More


The Only Way Out of It, Is Through It

For those new to recovery, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed with, well, feelings. You know, those things we avoided, pushed down, and ran away from for so long in our addiction? As appealing as running away from feelings sounds, we cannot do that in recovery. We have to learn how to sit with how we feel, and we …Read More


Narcan Parties: The Real Truth

The amount of falsehoods that circulate about drug use and the misconceptions people have toward addicts can be disheartening. For instance, a myth that has been circulated by law enforcement is that heroin addicts will seek out drug dealers who have had previous customers overdose on fentanyl. This isn’t true; heroin addicts may want what they’re buying to be of …Read More


If it Doesn’t Support Your Sobriety, Don’t Do It

Navigating early recovery isn’t easy. You suddenly have feelings again, nothing seems the same as before, and you are busy making changes to every aspect of your life. Life is new, and you have to build everything up around your sobriety so that you can stay centered in recovery. Building this new life requires close examination of friendships, career, family, …Read More