Facts about binge eating disorder (BED)

Facts about Binge Eating Disorder (BED)

  In the U.S., it’s estimated that eight million people or more have an eating disorder. The most common, binge eating disorder, affects both men and and women. Binge eating disorder, or BED, is compulsive eating. People with binge eating disorder consume large amounts of food while feeling like they cannot stop themselves, or they have no control over their …Read More


The Most Basic Signs You’re Struggling With a “Use Disorder”

                  Addiction can be a chemical, a process, or an activity. If you think you’ve become “addicted” to something, these are the most basic signs. You’ve developed a tolerance Tolerance is a sign that your brain has chemically shifted due to the amount you consume your “drug of choice”. Whether it is …Read More


Will Marijuana Be The Next Opioid Addiction Treatment?

                Marijuana is a psychoactive ingredient with many healing properties when used the right way. Increasingly, marijuana legalization and medicalization is crawling across the country. As the medical uses of marijuana are investigated for their many purposes, one of the areas researchers have been considering is opioid addiction treatment. The opioid epidemic has …Read More


How Do I Support A Friend With Body Image Issues?

                Everyone has insecurities. Issues with body image can take those insecurities to the extreme and a cause issues with mental even physical health. Eliminate Self-Criticizing Conversations We don’t often realize how much self-criticizing talk we integrate into our conversations when we are together in numbers. It’s an effort to try and make …Read More