Is Swimming Beneficial To Recovery From Addiction?

Here is a quick summary on why swimming is beneficial for recovery from addiction: Swimming is appropriate for all ages and sizes Swimming is easier on the body than other forms of exercise Swimming can be cardio and strength building Swimming reduces premature death Swimming creates a world of opportunity Being immersed in water triggers the brain with the familiar …Read More


Is Biking Therapy A Thing In Treatment For Addiction?

You know what they say about learning to ride a bike- you never forget how. You’ll hear that sentiment all the time- it’s like riding a bike!- typically when you’re expressing some sort of anxiety about doing an activity you haven’t done in sometime. Addiction and alcoholism is sort of like riding a bike. After a while, the daily habits …Read More


Laughter Therapy Will Have You LOL

                  Laughter therapy is what you make it. There are specific therapeutic processes and practices which might make laughter therapy a little more clinical. Otherwise, laughter therapy is anything that you want it to be. Whatever it is that makes you laugh- really, really laugh- until you cry and your stomach is …Read More


Animal Therapy Helps With Grieving

                    Funeral homes are now employing therapy professionals to help comfort their customers. These professionals are not your ordinary therapists. They don’t speak and they’re often covered in fur. Animal therapy is becoming part of a package for people who are planning funeral services to help with the grieving process. Dogs …Read More