family forgiveness

What to do if Your Family Isn’t Forgiving

Addiction is often referred to as a family disease because it affects every member of an addict’s family.  When a person is in the throes of an addiction their priorities begin and end with their substance of choice.  This priority shift completely alters a family’s dynamic leaving members isolated, confused, ashamed and hurt.  Many times family members will be forced …Read More

worst day sober

Your Best Day Drinking Can’t Compare to Your Worst Day Sober

It is often said in recovery circles that the worst day of a person’s sober life is 100 times better than their best day drinking. This says a lot about recovery. Choosing the worst day of your sober life over the best one drinking is a monumental statement. More than likely, your early days of drinking were probably a pretty …Read More

can't heal can't feel

You Can’t Heal What You Can’t Feel

Do you feel empty, and as though you have no idea who you are anymore? Have drugs and/or alcohol become the focal point of your life? If so, you are not alone. Millions of us have lost ourselves in addiction. Some of us may have started drinking and using to numb feelings and experiences, but what happened instead was we …Read More


Willpower: A False Scapegoat for Addiction

If the disease of addiction had anything to do with willpower, it wouldn’t be a disease. The bottom line is that you cannot will away something that is biologically rooted. Willpower can actually hinder an addict or alcoholic’s ability to change because it focuses on the problem rather than the solution. You can however, become willing to change. The willingness …Read More