Don’t Drink and Go to Meetings

If you are new to recovery and are going to 12-Step meetings, you might hear this phrase a lot. It is highly suggested that whatever you do to recover, go to meetings and don’t drink in between them. It’s a simple enough solution, or at least it sounds like it. The idea behind it is, if you can get yourself …Read More

shutterstock_360192704Daily 12 Step Practices You Need for Recovery

Daily 12 Step Practices You Need for Recovery

Many reading this will be familiar with twelve-step programs and how each step is designed to aid in recovery.  Those who are unfamiliar with the twelve steps should familiarize themselves to get the most out of these practices. Support Team Contact You will need help to have a successful recovery.  Over time you may begin to feel you need less …Read More

Daily Lessons From the 12 Steps

Daily Lessons From the 12 Steps

Nearly every 12-step group in existence is modeled on the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, founded in 1935. While the steps have been instrumental in the recovery of millions over the last 80-plus years, they’re not just for overcoming addictions or compulsive behaviors. We are told in recovery that the steps offer “a design for living.” Following are the 12 steps: …Read More