How To Manage Mental Stress During Difficult Times And Stay Sober

                  The world is at ends with itself in many ways. As addicts and alcoholics in recovery, we advocate to ourselves not to take things too seriously and to focus on the positive in order to find gratitude. We are also encouraged to become more empathetic and compassionate toward ourselves and toward …Read More


Hard Truths About Loving And Supporting Someone Addicted To Drugs And Alcohol

                Being the loved one of someone struggling with drug and alcohol addiction isn’t easy. Patience, endurance, and unconditional love are the ultimate challenges. Here are the hard truths you only know if someone you love has a drug and alcohol addiction. You Cannot Force Them To Stop The decision to stop abusing …Read More


What Should I Look For In A Sponsor?

                A sponsor is a volunteered position typically within a twelve step organization. In addition to daily phone calls, help getting through difficult situations, and assisting with accountability, sponsors are meant to guide you through the twelve steps and show you how to guide others. You Should Look For Someone Who Has What …Read More