Will I Be Able To Visit My Loved One When They’re In Treatment?

Families play a huge role in addiction as do the friends, supporters, and partners of those who are seeking treatment. Addiction is often called a family disease because everyone in an addict’s life is affected by the addiction. Addiction isn’t something that just happens to someone. Of course, the addiction is happening within the person who is addicted. However, the …Read More


Is Residential Treatment Enough For Recovery?

Thirty days of residential inpatient treatment used to be considered the standard of treatment. The short period of time worked for providers, worked for people taking time off of work, and worked for insurance providers. Just thirty days of treatment, however wasn’t working for the people going to treatment. As addiction has become more prevalent and a wider problem thousands …Read More


Is Swimming Beneficial To Recovery From Addiction?

Here is a quick summary on why swimming is beneficial for recovery from addiction: Swimming is appropriate for all ages and sizes Swimming is easier on the body than other forms of exercise Swimming can be cardio and strength building Swimming reduces premature death Swimming creates a world of opportunity Being immersed in water triggers the brain with the familiar …Read More


Shouldn’t People In Treatment Be Resting Instead Of Exercising?

The body needs a lot of rest during early recovery. Exhausted from weeks of detox, ongoing symptoms of withdrawal, and likely years of not getting the wholesome sleep that they needed, sleep is essential during treatment. Sleep is when people in treatment are able to rest their body and their brain, get the energy they need for the next day. …Read More