The Lakehouse Recovery Center

A Comprehensive Drug Treatment Center and Alcoholism Recovery Center located in Southern California on Lake Sherwood in Westlake Village, CA. When you care, every question is important. Start here to find answers, information, and perspective about your recovery needs.

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Advanced Care

Our substance abuse treatment program offers superb medical and psychological care, drug detox and alcohol detox, individual, family and group therapy along with an enriched aftercare program.

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Our residential treatment center has six private rooms. Amenities include private lake access, boating, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding and bass fishing. We are not your average drug rehab center!

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Comfort & Elegance

The Lakehouse Recovery Center emphasizes relapse prevention, family counseling, stress management, and goal setting conducive to abstinence and personal growth for men and women.

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Available 24/7 at (877) 762-3707

The Lakehouse Recovery Center of Ventura, Orange, and Los Angeles County successfully offers advanced and highly successful drug addiction & alcoholism treatment! Available to men and women nationwide.

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“Lakehouse Recovery Center turned around the life of a loved one. This place works.” – Patricia R, Parent of Former Lakehouse Client

The Lakehouse Recovery Center difference exists on many levels and is the culmination of many years experience; but at the heart of it all, the drive behind optimizing the client’s experience here is founded on a core passion to help change lives and rebuild families. We understand the worlds of active addiction and active recovery from every angle. More importantly though, we apply our expertise in a way that manifests as a “treatment experience” rather than just another drug rehab center.

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Life After Treatment – Stonesgate Sober Living House

Our mission is to promote confidence, self-worth, and the desire to return to a productive, sober life

After your time at the Lakehouse, your path to recovery does not end there. At the Stonesgate House, we offer comprehensive after-care that includes sober living, 24/7 supervision, life skills development and goal setting, daily 12 step advocacy, and a one-year case management program designed to ensure long-term recovery. Our sober living facility is a transitional, co-ed, six bed sober living facility, located in Westlake Village, California.

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Real Testimonials, Real Results.

Our process works, hear it from real patients. For all testimonials, visit our testimonials page.

“Lakehouse Recovery Center turned around the life of a loved one. This place works. That simple.” – Patricia R., Hollywood, CA

“After checking in I immediately felt the love and sense of home the house and staff provided.” – Bryan C., Simi Valley, CA

“There is something very special about this place. The staff is uniquely supportive and wonderful – they really care about the clients.” – Kelly A., Seattle, WA

“The Lakehouse not only saved my life but they showed me how to turn it into something I never could have imagined!” – Colin R., Sherman Oaks, CA

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